CSI 2.5 – Award Winning Games – Golden Geek Awards 2019

Golden Geek Awards 2019

Board Game of the Year

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},281934,284676

2-Player Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 278859},273687

Artwork & Presentation

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},276925,284676

Card Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},294113,282892

Cooperative Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 294113},282892,273347


{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 286164},282855,286667


{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},287449,272109


{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},294113,291902

Party Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 291902},286326,265230

Solo Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},282892,277259

Strategy Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 270442},286409,281934

Thematic Game

{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 278860},273281,273347


{“tag”: “winner”, “pid”: 273687}

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